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Having test-driven several different models, I chose a new VW Up! (in the top of the range Groove Up! trim). This is an excellent car to learn to drive in, with a very good driving environment, precise and easy gear changes, clear controls and a forgiving clutch. And, of course, it is fitted with He-Man dual controls for your safety and reassurance.

Its citycar dimensions make manoeuvring through tight spaces much safer and more comfortable, and its size and tight turning are a great help during reversing manoeuvres. Yet, despite it small outward appearance, it is surprisingly spacious on the inside, with plenty of legroom and headroom (as many of my 6'+ customers will testify)


Autoexpress: "The Up! feels much more grown up than its size, looks and name suggest. Comfort levels are high, and it feels planted and enjoyable on the road with impressive handling."

"... a high quality, high class city car..."


The Telegraph: "Its easy to drive the Up! smoothly stop-start traffic because its brake and clutch pedals provide plenty of feedback. What's more, you shouldn't have any trouble parking it due to its small size, large windows and light steering."

"Takes the strain out of everyday situations."


Top Gear: "The Up is VW's smallest new car and an altogether more serious stab at building a proper city car that we'll actually want to buy. Volkswagen has taken its creation very seriously, and remarkably, intends this to be its biggest-selling model globally. They'll sell more of these than the Golf.


But rather than making the Up!  scaled-down version of its larger cars - as it has done so in the past - The Up! takes a much more intelligent approach. Its this that is the key to its appeal, and is the reason why you may even choose one over a Volkswagen Polo."


What Car: "...Great to drive and classy. Its fun too."



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